Virginia Bar & Dining is now Gin71 Merchant City

After almost a year of trading under the name Virginia, we have decided to relaunch our Merchant City location under the Gin71 brand. You can find out more about this change and how it will affect our customers here. If you own any Virginia branded items or products such as vouchers or gift cards, you will find information on how these can be used here.

Continue to Gin71's website here:

Has Virginia closed?

Virginia, Gin71 and Cup Tea Rooms are all brands which are owned and operated by the same company - Cup Glasgow Ltd. We have decided to change our business model at our Virginia Court location to that of Gin71, rather than Virginia Bar and Dining.

Have the menus changed?

Yes - for the better! For example, while Virginia's menu featured only around 30 gins, Gin71 includes well over 71 unique gins plus award winning cocktails and much more!

I have a Virginia gift card, is it still valid?

You will be welcome to use your Virginia gift card against any purchases in Gin71. It is valid to use at any of our Gin71 branches too, not just the Virgnia Court location.

What about Cup Merchant City?

There will be no changes to Cup Merchant City. Cup will still open during the day, while Gin71 opens at 6pm in the evening after Cup closes.

How will this affect my booking/event?

In the majority of cases, reservations will be carried over to Gin71's diary. We would recommend that you contact Gin71 Merchant City to check the specific details of your reservation, as available menus may be different now.

Can I still order from the old menu? / I really liked item X from Virginia - can I still order it in Gin71?

Gin71 and Virginia have different menus. The menus from Virginia are no longer available. We do however have a great range of options on our Gin71 menus which are similar to those previously avilable at Virginia.

Have your contact details changed?

Our address and telephone number are the same as before. Our website is now rather than
Our Facebook page is and our twitter handle is now @gin71bar. You can also find us on Instagram under gin71bar.